Top Sound-Enhancing Apps for Your Headphones

Sound-Enhancing Apps

Meet Sound-Boosting Apps for Your Favorite Headphones

Whether you enjoy your favourite film, Spotify playlist, or video game, let’s face it – any audio can either make or break your leisure experience. The reality is that built-in speakers turn into real frustration for almost every owner of a smartphone.

Why? Mainly because the sound from the gadgets is never good or loud enough, while the quality of the chosen audio leaves a lot to be desired, as a rule.

Changing the settings of the sound and using some good headphones can ease the process; however, it is not enough when the users are looking for perfect quality audio. With that in mind, we switch to the so-called sound booster applications.

In this guide, we will check the list of some of the best sound boosting apps in order to guarantee that you finally get the best sound possible from your favourite headphones, for both – iOS and Android gadgets.

Bass Booster

Are you into rock and metal music? If yes, the Bass Booster app is a must-have. The users are welcome to enjoy their favourite tunes by boosting the level of the volume up to +10dB using Bass Booster. As for the rest of the great options that this app provides, we’d like to point the following:

  • Make up your personal preset – the users have an opportunity to create their own customized preset! The latter is based on the way they would like it to sound.
  • Pick among twenty present available for various genres – Bass Booster will choose the present automatically based on the tune that is being played at the moment.
  • Program the preset for your incoming calls. According to your settings, Bass Booster will fade out and switch down the level of the volume when you’re talking to someone.

Sony Headphone Connect

Meet the Sony Headphone Connect app that works great on both – iOS and Android. You’re going to absolutely love its Electro bass booster feature! Enjoy the intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard and play with some special surroundings that you can listen to your favourite songs in.

How? Just make sure to choose whether you like to enjoy music in a real concert hall, huge stadium, or somewhere outdoors – the options are countless! To add more, you’re welcome to check a special “connection guide” to get to know how Sony Headphone Connect works and enjoy the ride.

Equalizer FX

The app works automatically with Google Play Music. The best thing about one is that you don’t have to pay for using the app. Loudness Enhancer, Bass Boost, and Effects are the options that the app comprises and that together boost the volume level of the user’s phone speakers.

Super Bass Booster

The Super Bass Booster app will run in the background as quietly as possible, while you’re going to enjoy your favourite songs on your way to work or during your tea time.

Use the app to add some bass boost to your daily music routine. All you have to do is to adjust the slider blocks for the desired level of the volume in your headphones, as well as add virtual 3D surround and bass enhancement effect.

In this regard, it is worth drawing the attention of the users to the fact that they can boost the sound quality for all kinds of audio not just music.

Onkyo HF Player

It is so annoying when that song goes in and…it just does not sound the way you want it to. If you feel like your headphones just don’t comply with your sound demands, or you need more bass, download Onkyo HF Player to manage the situation by:

  • Creating just a perfect mix by means of crossfade playback.
  • Choosing from nearly 15 000 bands of HD equalization to boost the quality of the audio.
  • Creating and saving all the presets or selecting the ones that audio experts have already created.

To download the app, ensure to proceed to Google Play Store or App Store.

Jabra Assist

Meet the Jabra Assist app to get the best out of your headphones’ potential! The reality is that Jabra Assist is a real bag of options. First of all, it includes the so-called automatic geo-connectivity feature.

This feature enables you to locate where you used the headset before with the activation of the audio. In general, the app has it all for you – the visual battery display, the options to set the most suitable language, and so on.

In the case with the users of the Android system, Jabra Assist also provides its users with an option to read out your message. Sounds nice, don’t you think? 

Bose Connect

It is important to download the Bose Connect app if you’re going to use Bose headphones. The app is the right way to enjoy the best quality audio possible. It doesn’t matter what type of Bose headphones you’re actually using – the app will work well with any model.

When it comes to the basic options that the app connects you with, we’d like to focus on the following:

  • Manageable Noise Cancellation. The users can manage the level of the outside noise that they’d like to hear with the help of the noise cancellation option.
  • Music Share. Grab two pairs of Bose headphones and share your favourite tunes with others.
  • Easy control. The users can easily control the level of the music volume, manage Bluetooth connections, set the most suitable auto-off time, etc.
  • Smooth updates. Whenever you feel ready, you can download the newest software and install it easily in the background.

In addition to boosting the quality of music using the pair of Bose headphones, the users also have an opportunity to use Bose Connect for SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones to workout.

JAYS Headset Control

The JAYS Headset Control app is an Android-friendly solution provided to boost your music-listening experience. The users are welcome to use either a simple mode to improve music automatically or an advanced mode to set music enhancement in a couple of minutes.

You’re going to like the Navigation Wheel feature that enables you to easily navigate things like music players, emails, messages, etc. Since JAYS Headset Control can work in the background, using your phone is a breeze.

VLC for Android

If you’re not satisfied with the volume level of your movies and music files, choose VLC for your Android system. By means of this media player, you can easily enhance the sound level by 200%! The app is also equally good for both music and movie files. In case the users store a bunch of content on their gadgets locally, VLC could be an option.

Headphones Equalizer

Just like you get professional first aid with your college essays, you have your immediate headphones quality booster with Headphones Equalizer. The app enables users to set-up high-quality audio that comes with their phone. In other words, you have an opportunity to master all brands of headphones to get the best quality of your favourite song.

With Headphones Equalizer app, you can easily:

  • Get the best bass sound with the app.
  • Control your favourite sounds with treble, midrange, bass toggles.
  • Work with all the features of the Headphones Equalizer app – it synchronizes with the music player that you use as the default music service.
  • Or have the Headphones Equalizer app working in the background (all the settings can be changed directly from the phone’s home screen).

Precise Volume

All music fans looking for total control over the headphones volume should pick Precise Volume.  First of all, this simple app provides you with an opportunity to enjoy more options for volume control.

It’s time to forget about the good old 15-step volume control that goes by default. What you get is 100-step volume control! In addition to nice volume control, the users can also use the Automatic Volume option in order to adjust the desired level of volume based on what sound they expect to hear.

Once the users plug in their headphones, a dialogue window is there asking them about the headphone preset that they wish to use. Use Volume Booster, Equalizer, and Bass Booster to set the quality of the sound in your headphones.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the sound in your ears, the good news is that you don’t have to summer anymore! With the range of the apps that we’ve just checked, listening to your favourite music will turn into a true pleasure.

All you have to do is to download the sound-enhancing applications to your device, manage the settings the way you like, and here it is – the world of music that brings pleasure, comfort, and relaxation. After all, almost all sound-boosting apps are free of charge, so why not?


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