12 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets Needed for Your New Kitchen

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Description: Read throughout this post to find out the top gadgets that you must have in your new kitchen. Plus, you’ll find out the importance of having these kitchen gadgets in the kitchen, or if you want to be a master one in cooking. Continue reading below and learn more!

For those who plan to move, or have already moved to a new house, one of the best areas you might be too excited about in the kitchen. In fact, you might have a lot of plans on what to do in your new kitchen and that includes the basic, essential kitchen tools or gadgets.

Well, in this post, you’ll get to know some of these best kitchen gadgets that you should have in your new kitchen. 

Having the most essential tools or even the small kitchen gadgets for cooking in the said area would make your life a lot easier. And take note that the most basic tools are what you need to begin cooking those delicious meals for the family. So, what are the latest kitchen gadgets you must have? 

Food Processor

Definitely, this one is the first absolute kitchen gadget that you must have in the kitchen. It should come along with switchable blades or disks. Using a food processor, you could shred block cheese or you can slice stick pepperoni.

Plus, this gadget could allow you to make peanut butter, mayonnaise, or even whipped cream. Use this as well to slice or chop any number of veggies faster and easier. 

Food processors are known to be among the coolest kitchen gadgets for many essential things that you need to do in the kitchen. They are as well easy to clean and also these would save you loads of time. As you start using the food processor, you’ll discover more uses of it for saving your time in cooking. 

Rice Cooker

And this is another must-have item in the kitchen! Rice is indeed a staple of cook’s pantry and is usually used often. Rice cooker is the best and also the most energy-efficient way in order to cook rice whether brown or white to absolute perfection. 

Imagine those times wherein your rice has boiled over or rice has been burned because it has been cooked for too long. Or the rice dried out having lesser liquid or it took up valued burner space making you wait to cook another part of the meal. Well, all these obstacles will never be experienced if you have a rice cooker. 

Plus, this gadget comes with precise measurements that are plainly marked on its cooking vessel, so you wouldn’t have to guess at all. Rice cookers can also be used to make oatmeal and you’ll be amazed that there’s more you can do with these electric kitchen gadgets. 

Slow Cooker

Of course, you must also have a slow cooker or referred to as the crockpot. You can definitely save energy by using this and also this is a great item used for leftover vegetables and meats. Most crockpot dishes like soups to beans could offer many meals. 

Crockpot cooking could also easily fit into a busy schedule of the family, wherein different family members might eat at different times too. With the use of such a simple cooking method, each could eat a hot meal without having to put in the effort of cooking many times. 


This gadget doesn’t need to be expensive. You can find cheap yet efficient ones out there. It would provide a multitude of uses like making smoothies as well as blended cocktails and even making sorbet from frozen juice and fruits. 

Blenders are indeed great help to save your time in the kitchen, as well as it is a fun way to make variety in the menu experience every single day. So, these seem to be among the fun kitchen gadgets that you definitely must-have. 


Juicer is also a must-have item in the kitchen, as it is not just great for squeezing lime, orange, and lemon juice once needed for a recipe, but it could also juice vegetables. Using a juicer could save you muscle and lets you extract the most juice as possible. It also allows you to extract juice coming from plants. Besides, you don’t need to worry about the pulp or the seeds. 

Stainless Steel Grater (Four-Sided)

Having a good grater will not just save your time to quickly grate cheese, but it could also be handy in grating almost all kinds of vegetables like potatoes, radishes, carrots and more. A grating is a lot faster than chopping with the use of a kitchen knife. 

Rubber Spatulas

You will save more time and money in the kitchen if you will have a good set of rubber spatulas in at least three sizes. Food will not be wasted if using the last of the mayonnaise, or if you are pouring batter from the baking mix.

Also, rubber spatulas are among the amazing kitchen gadgets once spreading condiments on toasted sandwiches or bread. Compared to butter knives, they spread so much more nicely and could do the job in a fell swoop. 


This is also an efficient and fast tool if you are to drain vegetables or pasta and even your sliced potatoes for your homemade French fries.

With this kitchen gadget, you can avoid holding the cover and pouring the water which might also lead to burning yourself badly. It might take some time to deal with an injury or burn, so better use a colander instead. 

Non-stick Frying Pan

Indeed, every household would need a non-stick frying pan, especially for breakfast duty because pancakes and eggs are made best on this kitchen tool.

This one is also a versatile and one of the quirky kitchen gadgets which can be used for sautéing vegetables, searing meats, and making sauces. It is recommended to buy a two-piece set for you to have two sizes around and you could also cook two things simultaneously. 


Once you are cooking, you would be using a knife of course. Getting a chef’s knife is best if you have money and space for one knife. You will surely use this kind of knife for almost 90% of food preparation, so better buy a nice one and take good care of your kitchen knife. 

Also, it is recommended that you get a paring and a serrated knife since they serve different purposes. Parking knives are for more delicate and smaller jobs, and serrated knives are for slicing tomatoes and bread easily. You can also look for kitchen gadgets for men that suit best their preferences. 

Cutting Boards

And to go along with your new and sharp knives, there is a need for you to have a cutting board. These boards come in almost sizes, shapes, and varieties. These are among the unique kitchen gadgets that many shouldn’t ignore as they help a lot in preparing food meals. 

Food Storage Containers

These airtight food storage containers would save both your money and time since you could neatly store your pasta, rice, snacks, rice baking ingredients, and more.

You can even organize your meal mixes and spice packets. Having such storage containers would help you find what you need in the pantry easily and they would keep the ingredients fresh. 


There you have it – dozens of important kitchen gadgets that you must have for hassle-free life in the kitchen. Taking advantage of these latest kitchen gadgets and items would not just save your time, but your money as well.

Indeed, you will find both cooking and clean-up time to be greatly reduced. These useful kitchen gadgets will surely make you master in your own kitchen!

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