8 Best Torrent Search Engines in 2020

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Since you are reading this, we understand you live close to the realm of torrents. There have been tons of torrent sites that feature all your favourite torrents. However, after the scrutiny faced by top cats like KAT, YIFY and Pirate Bay, torrent sites have started labelling themselves as a torrent search engine.

They claim to provide people with just a way to search for their favourite torrents. You can do a specific torrent search for your favourite movies, music, TV shows, etc… You just need to know the right websites to visit. Listed below are the awesome 8 best torrent search engines in 2020.


If you prefer a neat, distraction-free interface, Bitcq is the best. It employs DHT protocol to search nodes that are responsible for torrent distribution.

It contains a humungous collection of movie torrents, TV shows and application torrents via links. It contains absolutely no content on its website, just like any other torrent search engine. You can filter results based on category and country. In the preview, you can see torrent details such as size and peers. The ads are minimal in this terrific interface.


It’s just another torrent aggregator that scans various torrent indices when you make a query. It features the most helpful rating system for torrents. Moreover, the minimal interface along with night mode option gives it killer looks.

The interface doesn’t hurt your eyes much. There is little to no ads or design elements. You get files from various uploaders like Ragbag, YIFY, etc… With a click on the blue links, you can download the torrent file. For utmost privacy, you can use their .onion extension through a Tor network.


As the name suggests, it wants to be the Google of torrents. You can make a search in over 450 torrent websites at the same time. Over 55 million torrents are indexed in the search engine.

It features just the search bar on its homepage. You can sort results by relevance, file size and date. The lightweight website is more than capable of loading on slower connections.

Their search claims to be powered by Google. Similarly, they do not operate as an onion website. Importantly, the search for torrents happens at blitzing speeds.


It’s a simple to use Meta torrent search engine. It deals with movies, TV shows, music, games, books, anime, etc… It’s one of its kind design appeals to just about anyone. They present popular search trends regarding torrent queries.

It gives a fair idea on what BitTorrent users are into and what’s the hot and trending right now.  The best part about this site is it’s almost devoid of ads. You can use the search button on the top left to get all your favourite torrent files. You can sort the results based on the time of upload and relevance of the title.


TorrentSeeker uses custom Google search to scrape torrents from tons of torrent sites. It brings in top cats such as YIFY, KAT and TPB into the mix. Their database of popular torrents is continually updated.

Newer niches, language-specific sources and proxy sites are a commonplace. The grandeur of look and feel is limited only to its homepage. The results page may not appeal to you as much as the rest.

Nevertheless, you can always find the torrents you actually wanted. You can sort torrents quite effectively based on priorities. Sorting based on date and relevance is as simple as 1-2-3.


It’s a free and fast torrent search engine that brings results from over a dozen search engines. Simply put, it is the granddaddy of torrent search engines.

They have indexed over 60 millions torrents from 91 domains. It has got tons of mirror website, which comes in handy in blocking regions. In recent times, it has been a great alternative to Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, etc… The website is also available in onion version to cater to tor users. It is to ensure zero downtime to its users.


This black coloured site is arguably the most powerful torrent engine on the web. Owing to its dark theme, it’s rapidly gaining traffic and popularity. It’s so clear that users prefer darker themed services more than ever.

You can search for movie torrents, TV shows and even adult content. Besides, they provide image and gallery search options. Though it’s the usual Google image search, it’s a handy addition. The results can easily be narrowed down to titles and language.

You can sort results based on torrent sites, date and relevance. Veoble is so similar to using Google, in regards to the browsing experience.


The torrent search engine is efficient to sort the list based on a lot of different parameters. It dons an elegant search bar on the homepage. It is yet another TPB alternative, you find in the list. As a torrent search engine, it performs next to none.

The only drawback is, there is no way to filter results. If you want to find a movie torrent that’s hard to find, Xtorx is your best bet. Such is the size of their database that expands every day. It provides search URL to other torrent sites, upon exploring a search result. Any of the results open on another torrent site when being clicked.

Summing it up…

Given there is a good number of seeds, a torrent download is always reliable. When doing a torrent search, factor in the number of seeds, as much as the size of the file or video resolution.

Any decent torrent search engine lets you sort torrents with such parameters. It’s safe to go with the latest torrent that has a good number of seeds. Some torrent sites allow you to look at the reviews of torrents.

Also, install the ad-block plugin to get rid of the annoying ads, in most torrent sites. Besides pestering the device, these are almost always adult ads. It may not be suitable for viewing without the ad-block plugin.

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