Black Friday Amazon 2019

Black Friday 2019

Amazon is one of the largest international companies based in the United States of America dealing with a variety of goods on wholesale and retail. The company is among the most prominent companies that make use of modern technology to propel the business around it, including the use of the internet to market their goods and services that is, e-commerce, digital live streaming, and other services.

However, apart from the services, the company also deals with many products including kitchen items, fashion clothes, jewelry, musical instruments, all types of electronic devices, games and sportswear and pieces, drinks, etc.

Amazon Company has a special day annually, the Black Friday, on which the company gives super normal discounts on different goods and services to the clients. This day is scheduled for 29th of November every year. Just like other black Fridays, the amazon black Friday 2019 has come with amazing discounts on several goods and services at Amazon.

The black Friday, despite the company offering a lot of premium on products, the sales on the day frequently surpass other sales on regular days, for example, the company made a record sale in millions of dollars in the 2018 black Friday. 

The giant company takes its black Friday with all considerations because of the company; this is not just a day when goods and services are discounted. Black Friday is one of the best days for the company because of the large number of customers that stream into the facility to grab their items before the offers are closed; thus, the company ends up making a lot of profit from the sales made on the day.

Although it is called black Friday, the discounts are not only offered on a single day, but for four days, that is, from black Friday to Monday, which is referred to as Cyber Monday. In this year’s Black Friday, which is scheduled at the end of November, the company will have several of the goods and services discounted. Some of the items that the company will lower include the beauty items, toys, clothes, electronics, and another item.

In 2018, there were many goods that had discounts for the customers, for example, in the USA, the company reduced the price of television, precisely a Fire TV Cube, whose amount was reduced by half. There were also significant discounts on echo devices including the 2nd and 3rd generation echo devices.

Therefore, it is most likely that the echo devices will have the most significant discounts on the coming black Friday because of their drop in prices and because of the emergence of latest machines that people prefer to echo devices. Apart from echo devices, the ring video doorbells have also had gone down in value in recent days thus leading to their prices going down drastically. Therefore, just like the echo devices, it is likely that the ring video doorbells will have massive discounts on the upcoming Black Friday. 

There are high chances that television sets will also have significant discounts on the upcoming Black Friday. This is not because these items have deteriorated in value but because they are among the most discounted items on black Fridays each year.

For example, in the 2018 black Friday, television models such as Samsung, LG, Sonny, and Toshiba had their prices chopped with large amounts, thus making customers grab most of the items. The Toshiba fifty-inch flat screen, for instance, was reduced by as much as 100 dollars during the 2018 black Friday.

Therefore it is more likely than not that the device will have the same amount of money cut off on the upcoming Black Friday, if not more. We also witnessed a Samsung sixty-five inch curved plasma TV drop by 700 dollars on last year’s Black Friday, and therefore, we are expecting the same or more on this black Friday. 

The games and gaming devices are among the most sold items all over the world today because of the desire for the youths to engage in games and sports. As curious as they are, the young men and women are among the first people to grab the black Friday deals on gaming devices.

For this reason, these items are expected to be among the most discounted things in the amazon on the black Friday 2019 to encourage the young generation to get the things at affordable prices. 

The Play Station 4, famously known as PS4 is one of the things that we expect to have a massive discount come on this black Friday, one reason being the item is new in the market, and therefore many people have not been able to access it.

Backing this up, we saw last year’s Black Friday discount on gaming items such as the game controllers, which amounted to over 20 dollars for DualShock 4 and 200 dollars on individual racing controllers. The headsets and controllers are among the items that are expected to have massive discounts.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are also the items that we expect to have great discounts on this coming black Friday because these items have become a necessity in today’s world. Samsung phones, in particular, will have significant discounts because last year saw Samsung galaxy s9 dropping with 200 dollars on black Friday, and we think that this year will see the latest Samsung devives cutting massively.

Other smartphones, such as the Sonny Xperia models in the United Kingdom dropped with a lot of money on Black Friday; the Huawei P smart was discounted. The Apple iPad is also a device that we expect to lose a lot come on this black Friday. The laptops, on the other hand, are also among the accessories that will have discounts on Black Friday. This is a guarantee because last year black Friday saw most of the laptop models discounted to as much as 20 percent making them cheap and affordable.

Lastly, the items that we expect to have significant discounts this Black Friday are the audio devices because of the discount history on these items. The cameras as we will be significantly discounted as well as other goods such as robots. Black Friday is, therefore, a special day where everyone can grab items of their choice, regardless of the little amount of income.


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