5 Best Email Marketing Services in 2019

email marketing services

Well, email marketing is going to be the best and powerful tool for many ongoing and upcoming business ventures. When compared with ads and some other forms of marketing strategies email marketing had been proven to give worthy and outstanding results. An effective email marketing campaign can accomplish qualitative output.

Segmenting your subscribers based on your ads running is not a proper approach. If you want to make your subscribers feel that your are showing them useful and relevant content. This is possible through the effective functioning of email marketing strategies.

In order to create the most effective email marketing strategies you need to focus on the best email marketing services or email marketing software’s available in the market.

Though there are plenty of email marketing services in the market it is little confusion to select the best. However few things to be noted while selecting the best email marketing services for your business promotion.

How to choose the best email marketing services for your business?

In order to get your targeted email marketing services you need to consider few points.

They are:

1. Price

It is important to select the proper pricing plan for any kind of business. Check whether the price you afford can bring good results and worthy enough or not.

While investing in the email marketing softwares you need to check the features you get and it justifies the cost or not. Then only come to decision.

2. Ease to Use:

Check with compatibility and easy to use. Because all email marketing softwares are not ease as you think. Some services may interrupt a lot to attain your target. So check how easy or flexible the services.

3. Deliverability:

Yeah , deliverability is the ability of the email marketing tools to deliver the bulk emails as per schedule. In some cases your emails may get blocked without reaching your subscribers. So it is very much important to check with the best services that ensures maximum deliverability rates.

4. A/B split testing tools:

Having the A/B split testing is a great option to ensure your email marketing services. You can also gather the customer insights and know what works the best. It will be implemented in A/B email headline, A/B email capture copy, A/B email open rate etc.

5. Automation tools:

It is not mandatory option for all the marketers but it’s inclusion will drive passive income to your business. If you are in the starting stage then getting an email marketing services which offer segmentation will move your career ahead and grow.

6. Analytics And reporting

Email analytics are everything for your business. TAs they show your the open and click rates and how they are converted.

7. Form Builder

For any business you need to have the attractive forms to gather the customer attention.Some forms may drive the email list while some may not. So check with the best email marketing services which provides or increases your subscriber count to a great extent.

8. Integration:

You need to check with the integration part of the email marketing service with your business apps. Because some may easily integrate and gives you qualified results.

So now I think you had the enough idea to pick or select the best email marketing services for your business.

Now I am going through the list of best email marketing services or softwares available in 2019.

1. ConvertKit:Email marketing software

ConvertKit is one of the best and recommended email marketing services in 2019.

  • Starting price: 29$/Month
  • Free trial: 14 days

As the name itself states that it mainly focus on the conversion rates. It is very unique and effective to create campaigns and target your subscribers to click on the link or Call to Action button in your emails.It encourages on the text emails and you can send unlimited emails as well. With the help of the visual automation feature you can create and design the sequence for sending the emails.

2. Aweber:

  • Aweber starting price: 19$/Month
  • Free trial; 30 days

Aweber is renowned as one of the most established email marketing services in the market. It includes all the features that you expect from the email marketing tools and they are autoresponders. You can build or create automated campaigns but with too little features. Aweber is on the great service among the email marketing platform with good design sign up form templates.

The templates are easily customizable and easily run on A/B testing sign up forms. The most notable feature of the Aweber is the mobile apps. You can send emails with your phone itself.

3. Constant Contact:

  • Starting price: 20$/Month
  • Free Trial: 30 days

The constant contact is an one of the email marketing services with more features for users with ecommerce sites.In addition to the integration with WordPress it can also be integrated with Facebook business pages for ads. The drag and drop option helps you to create emails super easy. It also resend the emails to those who didn’t open the emails when sent for the first time.

Constant Contact features includes email segmentation, integration with popular services, mobile app, email marketing calendar and monthly or yearly payment option.

4. Active Campaign:

The active campaign is one of the email marketing services in the market with good response and throughput.

  • Starting price: 15$/Month
  • Free trial: 14 days

It is the modern email marketing service with attractive user interface. With the help of drag abd drop functionality using the active campaign form builder is very easy. You can create eye catching emails with the help of pre made templates. Each and every feature had some functionality.

You can create text emails and can use videos and images for your campaigns.

5. MailChimp:

  • Starting price: Free or 10$/Month
  • No free trial

MailChimp is one of the free email marketing software. It is the best choice for the bloggers and marketers who had little or no budget. It also offers premium features for free. It’s new redesign and interface makes mailchimp an catch up with other email services. It performs the basic email tasks and with it’s update it supports the automation feature too.

Conclusion: Best email marketing services

Well, however choosing the best email marketing services is an daunting task and migration from one service to other is very difficult process. So before selecting or choosing the right service you need to compare one features, prices with other and then go for the best choice.

Because some services or softwares are best for some kind of business only.

For example I prefer ConvertKit for all the bloggers and publisher.

Active campaign for the small business owner only.

So try to be wise on choosing the best email marketing services for your business growth.

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