Top 5 eCommerce platforms in 2019(Pros and Cons)

eCommerce platforms

Well, with the rise internet usage each and every online business could see many benefits. Prior to the internet facility, people were much bothered about their business success. With the ideology of the internet existence investing large sum of capital and gaining results is very easy.
Because you can be aware of the things involved in the business if you use proper platform for your business exposure.

Today for being a business person is not at all risky, you can start with small and expand your venture by closely observing the business. There is no need to using a brick or sand to build your business, the digital world is for you. The digital world makes the sense of placing the things online rather than physical existence.

The thing you needed is an idea about the product and proper action for it’s promotion. Also there includes the technical part on building the online store.

Here comes the eCommerce platforms which makes your work simplified and easy.Those eCommerce platforms may be free or paid services which help you to host your business, build and manage an eCommerce website. All the eCommerce platforms provides the services but differ in features, appearance and procedure but their ultimate aim is to build or create website where visitors can browse your website and products eventually.

Today I am going to discuss with you the top 5 best eCommerce platforms in 2019 and which is the best solution for your business.

Best 5 eCommerce platforms in 2019:

The best eCommerce platforms include:

    • Alidropship Online Store:
    • Shopify
    • BigCommerce
    • Magneto
    • WooCommerce

With the above mentioned platforms you can create a virtual store for selling your digital products. However some are free and others are paid.

1. AliDropship Store:

Ali Dropshipping is the #1 online store to make money for your digital business. It is very easy to create a store with Alidropship. First you need to place the order for your custom store. One of their team i.e the personal manager will contact you and create the customer store.

With this eCommerce platform you can get a beautifully crafted online store which will make huge profits. It’s affiliate program also benefits you a lot. IF you refer your friends you can earn huge commission per sale. I had earned 104$ for every sale I made.

Ali Dropshipping store comprises of 3 packages for their customers. They are

Basic: It comes with fast and easy tools to start your business today itself. Pricing 299$ with free SSL included plus 484 for hosting.
Advanced: It includes advanced tools and features for business growth. Pricing 499$ with free SSL included and one time payment.
Ultimate: It is ready to make profits for your business 100% hassle free. Pricing 899$ and free SSL included.
The Ali drop shipping online store is easy to use,had great value to gain profits and reliability too.

2. Shopify

Shopify eCommerce platform was founded in 2006 and many of the online retailers hosted using it. It is very surprising and easy to set up an online store with this platform. It is one of the most user friendly website and any business owner without web development skills can create the store up and run in minutes.

Shopify comes with different beautiful themes while some are free and other are premium. The premium themes comes with different layouts and design options too. Once you had added the products you can manage them and offer discounts and gifts for attracting the customers. So in for any reason if you want to integrate with shopify you need to head over to the shopify app store.

Pros of shopify includes: Beautiful themes, easy to use CMS, hosting, unlimited products and marketing tools etc.

Cons Includes: Initial setup is not that much easy when compared with other platforms and is more expensive.


The pricing plans includes:

Basic(13$/Month): It comes with basic website, blog some features and free SSL certificate.
Intermediate(54$/Month): The staff increases to 5 included cart recovery and frauds reports.
Advanced(107$/Month): Up to 15 staff users and includes both the above plans and third party calculated shipping rates.
All the plans support 24/7 and can enjoy 30 days free trial if you want to test it services.

3. BigCommerce:

BigCommerce came into existence from 2009. It is a full featured software that manages everything from web hosting, web designing, order processing, shipping and analytics. Even if you don’t have a domain no need to worry while signing up for their services it will create one for you.

All the plans comes with free SSL certificates and secure the website as well as payment option.

With the help of BigCommerce integration features you can sell on ebay, Amazon, facebook and PInterest etc. You can accept payments from paypal, stripe, Amazon and Apple pay.

Pros includes: Advanced marketing tools, free SSL, unlimited products etc.

Cons Include: few add-ons, more expensive than a self hosted site.


The standard pan 29.95$/Month; You can make maximum $50k sales per year.
Plus plan $79.95/Month You can make $150K sales per year.
Pro plan $249.95/Month You can make maximum $400k sales per year.

You can enjoy and test their services for 15 days free trial option.

4. Magento:

Magento is an open source software to build or create the eCommerce websites. It is just like word Press.You can install it from your cpanel and build your store from the Magento admin panel. This platform is more advanced one and requires experts to manage. You can easily customize each and every product and even show the products to specific groups also.

Pros includes: Open source, free and flexible, strong SEO support.

Cons include: requires HTML and CSS skills and difficulty to use.

It is very much free to use if you want to go to premium there is Magento go.

5. WooCommerce:

The WooCommerce platforms are more popular among the WordPress users and 28% of online stores are powered using it. It is completely free with few exceptions such as buying a domain, hosting and other extensions which require purchase. When compared with other eCommerce platforms it is very much easy to use and affordability in nature.

This platform is very much perfect if you want to build a small store with free of cost.It supports unlimited products and images adding. You can easily customize the products for setting up the pricing.Payments can be made through paypal or through bank transfer.

The pros includes lot of extensions, unlimited products, free and easy to use and great customer support.
Cons includes: Some extensions are very much expensive and no free domain hosting available.

Coming to pricing it is the free to use WordPress WooCommerce plugin.


As you know that all businesses are not same. So you need to closely think which eCommerce platform is right for your business. Before picking up the platform ask yourself few questions.

How many products you are going to sell?
who are your target customers?
Are you building a website on your own or hiring someone?
How much amount are you ready to invest?

So you need to check all those questions and then move forward to pick up the right business plan.

I am excited to hear back from you about your favorite eCommerce platform your online business through comment section.

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