How to make money blogging in 2019

make money blogging

Have you ever thought of make money blogging?

Or else

You had ever thought of how to make or what are the various ways to make money from blogging?

Do you think how much can you earn from blogging every month.

Of Course as a newbie we don’t have all those thoughts in our mind.

But as our blogging career grows you start to think in a different perspective.

We will start discovering the new ways to make money from blogging field.

Well, if you had a blog then you need to explore the ways to make money from it. You need to think the possibilities which help you to earn income source from your blog. Because every piece of hard work you make depends on your goal and rise the income junctions.

The above stated are some of the common questions that each and every beginner or intermediate blogger faces in his blogging career. Here through my discussion I am going to share with you some simple answers for the confusing questions in the minds. I will show you the best ways to make money blogging which helps you in this financial year 2019-20.

These methods or possibilities to make money from blogging had been gathered from my real experience.I had an experience of 5+ years in this blogging filed. Through my personal experience I want to share my views and thoughts to the newbies on how to make their blog best with good revenue source in 2019.

Now let’s dive into the topic. Few years back blogging was just a hobby and people do it out of their interests. But now the blogging in 2019, it stood has the most profitable online business in the world. I had started this blog in 2015. Since them I found their is a substantial increase of revenue form my blog. Each year the income goes high with several possibilities to earn.

Blogging can be chosen as the dream career but needs to be implemented step by step. If one wants to get real impact on an online business the blogging does. For the house wives who had plenty of time after their work can start blogging so as to earn a little.

In the initial stage of blogging career all the bloggers depends on the Adsense to earn money online. But now these days after gaining the blog traffic you can use various ad networks and monetization methods to make money. If you are the one who follows same traditional methods to earn money from blogging. Just skip them and start the new business plan with optimized marketing efforts on your blog.

Modern ways to make money blogging in 2019:

Well, there are various ways to monetize your blog. Based on the blog theme and style and the level of blogging you need to pick up the monetization methods. Because if you are a newbie then Adsense and use of the ad networks is the best option to earn money online.

  • Ad Networks to monetize the blogs such as Adsense,,Revenue hits, Adblade etc.
  • Displaying direct advertisements on your blog.
  • Doing affiliate Marketing
  • Paid reviews i.e charging for the content.
  • Launching online courses and selling e books etc.
  • By offering services such as guest blogging .

Instead of concentrating on the traditional forms of ads just look at the ads networks which pay you high.

Ad Networks:(Best for Beginners)

For the newbie bloggers the ad networks helps a lot to earn or make little money. There are several ad networks to make or monetize your blog. The most commonly used ad networks are

  • Google Adsense

As a newbie blogger getting approval for those monetization methods is very much simple and easy. These methods show the ads based on the context of your article and interests. These ads are of high quality and won’t disturb the user experience. The ad networks serves as the recurring income for your blog and your goal should be getting approval for those ad networks.

As the traffic of your blog grows on you can check with the other ad networks and how they pay you. Also do not tie up to the single ad networks try multiple until you find the best income for your blog. Remember one thing trust and genuine relationship with the ad networks help you to gain more revenue.

Direct Advertisements:

If you are not getting enough income from the ad networks you can go for the direct advertisements on your blog. By creating banners spaces on the website home page you can place direct advertisements. By displaying the advertisements for promotion on your blog you can earn.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing or advertisement is the best option because a single sale of the product or service will help you to gain high income than a contextual ad. Today most of the bloggers use this strategy to make money from blogging.

If you get decent traffic and monthly views than join the affiliate marketing marketplace.

Below are the some of the famous affiliate advertising products which help you to earn more.

  • Alidropship Affiliate program
  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • ShareASale
  • Impact Radius and
  • Commission Junction

All you need to do is to share the affiliate link of the product you are recommending and when someone makes a purchase you will be earning huge commission of sale.It is the best strategy to make billions of dollars every year.

Paid reviews:

Another important revenue source is that getting paid for publishing the reviews. You can get interact with many product and service owners. Promote their things in the form of any review. By writing the reviews of the products and publishing on your blog you can charge some amount. Blog also serves as the good purpose in promoting the product through the paid content or review.

Many clients pay for the reviews.

Create online courses and sell eBooks:

You can create online courses and and promote them on your website. Attract the customers with your online courses and sell the eBooks as well. You can create or convert the textbooks into video formats, create checklist and downloadable templates. Display the online courses to full extent and attract the customers. Where you are able to earn huge income.

Run campaigns for brands and provide services as well:

You can run campaigns for the brands to reach specific target. By promoting the brands and running the campaigns for the clients on your website drives good source of income. Also based on your skills, you can offer services like writing the content, logo design, doing SEO for the content, providing hosting related services etc. Offering services creates more money and increases your skills.

If you had a website you can easily launch your services. For this you need to create a page on your blog with the services you offer. Please share this page on all the social handles and also make convenient for the audience to contact you.


However blogging stood as the #1 income junction with endless possibilities and methods. All you need to do is to update your website design or theme regularly and provide the informative news to the web visitors. Today make money blogging is pretty easier as you know all the methods to make recurring income form your blog.

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