How to recognize the types of cancer symptoms in early days?

cancer symptoms

Cancer is known as malignancy i.e an abnormal growth of cells. In past cancer patients are very little and the treatment is also rare. But now with ever growth in the technology and its advancements, food changes or hereditary cancer patients are more. According to the recent estimates, there are more than 100+ cancer types, including breast cancer, stomach cancer, metastatic cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer etc.

All the cancer symptoms may vary depending on the type of cancer. The general or more specific cancer treatment for every type of cancer may include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Why cancer is caused?

In our daily life, the healthy cells participate actively in all their metastatic activities in a controlled manner. But when cancer starts the cells goes out of control and forms the tumors. All the cancer types form the tumor which interact with the healthy functioning of the cells in your body. These tumors interfere at the healthy living cells and draw the nutrients from the body tissues thereby reducing the functionality of the body.

If cancer is found in the early stage it would be removed, if not it continues to grow and spread by direct extension through the process called metastasis and try to increase the tumor count in the other parts of the body.

If cancer is diagnosed and treated in the initial stage then it can be cured. Some types of cancers can be detected through screening test before the cancer symptoms become serious. In most cases, it is detected after a tumor is felt and symptoms are developed. In a few cases, it can be detected by undergoing regular health checkups twice a year.

Cancer diagnosis begins with the physical exam and through complete medical history. If the diagnosis is positive cancer is present and further tests are performed to gather full information about cancer and whether there are chances to be affected to other parts of the body.

Cancer is the leading death cause in the world today. Some areas experience some types of cancers only for example in Japan most people have breast cancer. An abnormal in the growth of cells become cancerous, due to the accumulation of defects, mutations or in DNA etc.

The cancer is mainly caused due to following things:

  • Inherited genetic defects.
  • Due to poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption changes your DNA and leads to cancer.
  • Due to environmental factors such as air pollution and infections etc.
  • Absorption of ionizing radiations i.e X rays and ultraviolet radiations from sunlight, radiation from beta and gamma rays etc.
  • One of the research states that excess consumption of red meat such as beef, port and lamb may had the chances of cancer symptoms.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most recognized and dangerous cancer types among people all over the world. October is regarded as the month for Breast Cancer awareness month. Breast cancer originates from the line i.e from the tubes that carry milk from the glands to the nipple. It may also originate or starts in the cells of lobules, they are the glands which make the milk.

The most common signs and breast cancer symptoms in the early stage are:

  • If nipple discharges blood along with milk.
  • If the discharges comes out without any squeezing of the nipple.
  • Detection of lump in the armpit.
  • You can see the change in the size of your breast.
  • Your nipple all of suddenly points inward.

There are some other breast cancer symptoms which may include double vision, loss of appetite, headache, bone pain, weight loss, muscle weakness, shortening of breath and nausea etc. It is mainly caused due to the lifestyle changes, environmental and hormonal factors.

Lung Cancer:

Lung cancer is the number cause of cancer deaths worldwide both in women and men. Like other types of cancer, it too caused due to an abnormality in the body cells. The disruption of body cells system causes uncontrolled division and generation of cells in the body which forms tumors.

90% of lung cancer is caused due to cigarette smoking and also the people who inhale the smoke through the air. Also, it is caused due to tobacco usage. However, it is also caused due to exposure to excess emission of radon gas, asbestos fiber, and diesel emissions etc.

The lung cancer symptoms includes the following:

  • Coughing up with blood.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Frequent chest pain.
  • Difficult to swallow the food and wheezing etc.

Stomach Cancer:

Stomach cancer is very rare and is the 15th most common cancer type in united states. The risk factors of stomach cancer include the diet, obesity and smoking may increase the risk for the disease. The stomach cancer if untreated or not properly diagnosed may spread to other parts of the digestive system such as intestines, metastasized to organs such as lungs and liver.

The common treatments for stomach cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, gastroenterology etc.

The stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer spreads easily to other organs as discussed above. So one should be very careful;y and undergo treatment and regular checkups. It may affect the ovaries and causes ovarian cancer, lungs, and liver.

The stomach cancer symptoms may include:

  • Unexplained weight loss is the common type in this stomach cancer.
  • :Abdominal discomfort or any pain in the abdomen may cause.
  • People with stomach cancer may feel that their stomach is full every after eating little amount only.
  • Indigestion and heartburn ,ulcer are the symptoms of this type of cancer.
  • Stomach cancer patients may have the vomitings and nausea etc.

Throat Cancer:

Throat cancer refers to developing of cancerous tumors in throat and voice box or tonsils. The throat is the muscular tube which begins at your nose and ends with your neck. Your voice box may affect with throat cancer as it lays just below the throat. The voice box contains the cartilage and the vocal cards which makes the sound when you talk. If it effects then your voice will be changed.

Throat cancer may also affect your cartilage and tonsils which are located at the back of your throat. The throat cancer occurs when the cells in your throat develop genetic mutations. These mutations cause the cells to grow uncontrollably and forms tumors in the throat thereby damaging the healthy cells.

In the throat cancer, you can find many interlinking cancers. They are as follows:

Cancer that affects the pharynx and larynx, epiglottis, supraglottic and subglottic cancer etc.

The throat cancer symptoms includes:

  • You can notice the change in your voice, hoarseness in voice or not speaking clearly.
  • You may experience difficulty in swallowing, continuous coughing and ear pain.
  • A sore or lump pain that doesn’t heal.
  • You can see the weight loss.
  • There are some risk factors which increase your throat cancer.They are:

    • Excess usage of tobacco i.e smoking and chewing tobacco.
    • Excessive usage of alcohol.
    • A virus that trasmits sexualy i.e human papillomavirus.
    • A diet which lacks in usage of vegetables and fruits.

    Brain Cancer:

    A brain cancer knows as brain tumor occurs due to excess growth or abnormal growth of cells in the brain. There are many types of brain tumors exists. Some are cancerous while some are noncancerous. Brain tumors may begin at your brain or the other parts of your body and spread to your brain. The growth of the brain tumors and location the brain tumor determines the functioning of the nervous system.

    For brain tumor, the treatment depends upon the type of brain tumor you had, size and location of the brain tumor. It also depends on the patient’s age and health history etc.

    The brain tumor symptoms includes:

    • You can notice the change in the patterns of headaches.
    • Headaches will gradually become more frequent and severe.
    • Vomiting and speech difficulties.
    • Vision problems such as blurred, double or loss of peripheral vision.
    • Personality and behavior changes, confusion state of mind.
    • Seizures and hearing problems.

    The secondary metastatic brain tumors that result from cancer which starts elsewhere in the body and spreads to your metastasizes to your brain. Metastatic cancer occurs mainly in patients having a history of cancer.

    Especially in adults, metastatic cancer(Secondary tumor cancer) is more common than primary brain tumors.

    The risk factors include excessive exposure to radiation hazards and family background with brain tumors.


    For a healthy life, everyone should undergo regular health checkups once in a year. As our body mends according to your living lifestyle, the environment we live, we can notice several changes in your body functioning. Before you recognize any the best choice is to take periodic health check-ups. If not take action immediately if you found any abnormal functioning of the body.

    So make a wise move to the health checkups to avoid death prone diseases like cancer.

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