7 best PUBG video game alternatives in the Google play store

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PUBG Game is indeed one of the best battlegrounds game to play on Google Play. Due to its popularity among Android users, the number of downloads and reviews, Google has also ranked its best game on Google Play. The main feature which makes PUBG a popular game is the option to play it with your friends does not matter where they are living. PUBG game was first launched for the PC user but its mobile version made it more popular as compared to its PC version. The game has got a lot of attention by the gamer after its first launch on Google Play.

PUBG is developed by Tencent Game. To keep it up to date, the developers are updating the game on regular basis. While, the game has already made a name, but still, it does not work until you got a decent SmartPhone but there are other options available. Yes, if your Smartphone does not support PUBG, you can consider playing alternative games which are available for free to play in Google Play Store.

Following are 7 best PUBG game alternatives on the Google Play Store platform:

1 – Disney Infinity

This battleground game has been developed by Disney. Instead of introducing new characters in the game, Disney comes with an idea to introduce the popular Superhero and make them fight against each other. From graphics to sound, the Disney Infinity has so much to offer to the users. Its work fine on all Android phones. It is a simple yet great alternative of PUBG game.

2 – Rules of Survival

This game has similar items and interfaces and close inspiration from PUBG battlegrounds. Not just that, the gameplay of this game is also similar to PUBG mobile except there are more vehicles, weapons, and missions. Its full size is 1.8 GB and it does not require any third party app to install. It has great graphics and sound.

3 – Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

The name of the game must give you an idea about it. In term of graphics, it has boxy graphics but it is more fun due to gameplay and concept behind developing this game. The mission in this game is similar to PUBG except it is a bit harder. The players need to reach the center of the map within a limited time or face death.

4 – Knives Out

Knives Out is a high-quality graphics PUBG game alternative. You need to survive in the game as long as possible against everyone else as soon as you have been dropped into a map. The game has advanced options for team play, varied map, mechanics, and plenty of new and advanced level weapons to enjoy.

5 – Garena Free Fire

If you don’t have enough space for the big games, try Garena Free Fire which has only 250MB size yet good graphics. This game has introduced some of features fund and intuitive interface etc. The other features of this game include smooth graphics, option for the chat and big map.

6 – Fortnite

Looking for 100 players’ battle royal? Try Fortnite! This game is still had a controversial launch. Unlike PUBG, you need to build armaments and find weapons or take out from the other players. It has some of the best graphics, music and sounds to enjoy the game. It is compatible with major devices and available to download free.

7 – Firing Squad Battleground

If you are looking for the closest game to PUBG, try Firing Squad Battleground. It has similar content and an overall design inspired by PUBG. It is also a great game for the PUBG users if they are looking for the small size of a similar game with good graphics but similar content. Its size is only 68MB.

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