10 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins in 2019

wordpress chatbot plugins

If you are dreaming to automate the interactions with your website visitors and customers then just say hello to a chatbot.

Well, don’t be surprised when they began to talk really.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program or service used to send automatic replies to the website visitors or customer inquiries. All the chatbots are designed with some predefined rules and regulations so as to accomplish the task or delivering the responses to the users. These chatbots generally are coupled with Artificial Intelligence(AI) to know how they interact with the users automatically or instantly.

The chatbots help to interact with the web visitors just by placing a live chat window on the website or integrated it to existing messaging systems like facebook messenger etc.

Day by day chatbots revolution had been increased in each and every business sector. Because they provide live customer support and engagement with the users without any human need.

If you want to integrate this chatbot feature into your existing WordPress websites they are multiple chatbot plugins. These WordPress chatbot plugins are specifically designed for collecting the feedbacks or guiding customers on the products list.

The WordPress chatbot plugins provide the live customer support for many companies without any human staff requirement. They are able to support your business 24/7 so as to increase your sales and brand identity among the website visitors.

Here I am going list the 10 powerful WordPress chatbot plugins in 2019 for the business website.

Top 10 WordPress chatbot plugins in 2019:

1. WP-chatbot For Facebook Messenger:

WP- chatbot is the live chat or integrates your chat to a messenger. The WP- chatbot plugin is specially built for the facebook messenger customers. You can easily turn your website as the live chat website by adding the chatbot to the messenger.

The website users can interact with the website using the messenger chatbot.

Features of WP-chatbot:

  • We can easily add the messenger customer support chat into your website.
  • You can add the messenger language, theme color, enable or disable the Facebook analytics.
  • You can set greeting messages for logged in and logged out users.
  • This plugin is compatible with Woocommerce websites and you can add shortcodes for the live chat support on your website.

2. Gobot WordPress Plugin:

Gobot WordPress Plugin is used by many companies to automatically generate the qualified leads, answer customer questions, helps visitors to get through perfect product or service, collect customers feedbacks, send emails and can easily schedule appointments. No coding skills are required for doing so. All the instructions are placing while designed the chatbots for specific needs.

Key Features of Gobot:

  • It helps to grow your website sales and engage the visitors at the right time and place.
  • You can look at 100+ bot templates to design your own bot.
  • It will build email marketing and poll your visitors.
  • Calendar functionality to schedule appointments and calls.
  • It does powerful page level email targeting to build the email list.
  • The custom analytics will give you clear information about which bots are giving you’re the leads.
  • You can also set the timed bots, automatically tag particular visitors for follow up.
  • It can easily be integrated with powerful email marketing service providers etc.

3. IBM Watson Conversation Plugin:

The IBM Watson conversation plugin can be easily added to your website for better customer support. You can train you, Watson, to answer the questions, provide information and help while navigating the website. If the visitors want to talk to a human, this plugin can connect to the real human operator. It uses the IBM Watson conversation on the IBM cloud for free for charge.

Features of IBM Watson Conversation Plugin:

  • By using IBM Watson Conversion plugin you can add the images and clickable responses to your chatbot.
  • By using the VOIP calling powered by Twilio for users to contact the real person.
  • It is the simple plugin setup to get your IBM Watson Assistant plugin for the users.
  • You can control the usage of this plugin from the settings page itself.
  • we can place the chatbot on the required pages and posts to attract the attention of the visitors.
  • Chatbot can easily customizable, you can set the appearance of the chat box according to your need to preference.

4. Acobot Lead generation AI chatbot Plugin:

Acobot Lead generation AI chatbot plugin helps to boost your sales to a great extent. This plugin uses the AI to engage your website visitors to achieve the following benefits. The benefits include lead generation, conversion optimization, reduced bounce rate, more page views, longer time on the website and enhanced brand image etc.

Acobot Lead generation AI chatbot plugin is fully automated and you need to just install and activate it. It can impress the website visitors and improves the performances. It is outstanding, simple to use.

Acobot Lead generation AI chatbot plugins work like an avatar talking to the web users. It only works for the English websites at this point in time.

5. Virtualspirits chatbot plugin:

Virtualspirits chatbot plugin is one of the paid chatbots where you can enjoy 30 days free trial. It comes up with different plans depending on the business size the web visitors for the website. This chatbot provides live chat support for the customers in multiple languages. So it is considered as an excellent addition for the chatbot plugins.

Virtualspirits chatbot plugin helps to choose from different templates according to your goals. The templates include:

  • lead generation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Customer Services
  • e-commerce assistance
    li>The lead generation chatbot will help you to gather the email list and phone numbers so that you can easily follow up your potential customers.

  • The e-commerce template will help the customers to find out the specified product on your website.
  • You can personalize the chatbot with the colors of your interest, image and logo etc.
  • You can easily monitor your bot and switch to live chat support for the customers whenever needed.
  • Virtual Spirits chatbot plugin is only the one plugin which gives you many options to fit your brand and goals etc.

6. Collect.chat plugin:

A collect.chat plugin is a beautiful chatbot lead generation and data collection. With this plugin, you can make the live chat website very easily and eco-friendly. You can easily generate decent traffic and SEO for your website. This plugin helps to learn about your web visitors and convert them into real traffic.

In Spite of its user-friendly interface, your visitors never leave the site. It is very easy to customize the chatbot guide for the users, get their feedback and encourage them when they are online. You can design your own chatbot with the help of drag and drop interface. By deeply analyzing the data collected you can improve or modify your services according to the needs of the customers.

It is very easy to install the collet. chat interface. All you need to do is to copy the snippet code and place on your website. The free plan works only for 30 responses a month. If your website is performing best results with this collect.chat then you can move the paid plans also.

Key Features of collect.chat interface plugin:

  •  By encouraging the customers you can take your website to the next level.
  • With the fully automated chatbot, you will never let the business sleep and increase conversions.
  • It is very easy to make your chatbot in just a minute and the powerful data metrics helps to determine the customers’ demands and needs.

7. Cliengo chatbot plugin:

Cliengo chatbot plugin is one of the free plugins for lead generation that boost your website sales. It supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Cliengo chatbot plugin starts chatting with the web visitors so as to gather their information such as name, email id and phone number etc. It entirely takes care of your business by responding to the website visitors by turning them as your web potential customers. As a result, you can experience more leads that can be converted into sales.

Cliengo chatbot plugin is an ideal choice for the bloggers as it speeds up the sales by bringing the potential customers who are interested in your product or service.

8. clientity chatbot plugin:

clientity chatbot is an automatic chatbot to enhance the customer support and user experiences on the website. You can easily add the clientity chatbot window to your website. It works in English and Spanish. clientity chatbot plugin is 100% free and assists you 24/7.

clientity chatbot plugin will gather the name and phone number so that you can never close the sales on phone itself. It can be fully integrated into any of your social channels to increase the conversions. It consists of four plans and the starter plan is free and others are paid ones.

9. Chatbot for WordPress Plugin:

Chatbot for WordPress is a standalone plugin with AI powered by Dialog Flow. By installing it you can get it to work as simple helpdesk or contact form. With the help of RTL support, it can work in any language. It is recognized as the best handy tool for the bloggers as it helps to increase sales, get more leads, answer FAOs and does everything with a single chatbot plugin.

Features of WordPress chatbot plugin:

  • You can create your own chatbot by installing and activating itself.
  • It is lightweight and serves super fast as it uses Dialog Flow API to process natural language queries.
  • You can also add hyperlinks to the response message content using the HTML markup.
  • You can set on the pages for the chatbot to appear.
  • It is a built-in intent to let users leave their feedback and phone numbers for further details.

10. WooWBot WooCommerce Chatbot Plugin:

WooWBot is a standalone WooCommerce chatbot required no training. This plugin does not require any third party service integration. But however, the pro version of the plugin is integrated with Google AI and machine learning API Dialog flow. It is a shopping bot which helps the users to find out the products they are looking. Thereby increasing the conversion rates to a great extent.

WooWBot Chatbot is placed on the right top corner of the website and allows the shoppers to contact the admin in several ways so as to increase the sales. The free version of the WooWBot is suitable for only the small business and does not require advanced features like pro version.

Pro Features of WooWBot chatbot:

  • It is integrated with AI and Google natural processing language.
  • With the help of onsite retargeting, it can recover up to 25% of abandoning traffic.
  • Reduce the shopping cart abandonment by reminding them to complete the checkout process.
  • It supports the live chat website for the customers to solve their queries.
  • You can even schedule the chatbot to work with other live chat services.


The chatbot plugins add an extra professional look to your website. Whatever the business may be i.e shopping store or blog, or a company the live chat service plays a crucial role thereby reducing the workforce. So you need to try out all the plugins and select the best for your online business. It helps bloggers to collect email lists and for the e-commerce websites, it helps to generate more leads and sales by retargeting the website visitors.

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