10 Best Rewarding Android Apps in 2019

rewarding android apps

There are currently more than 3 million apps available on Android. Some of these apps actually pay you to use them. You can earn a lot of money using these apps.

We have tried all these apps. It is not easy to earn money using these apps. As some of these apps can be a scam. But, we found some best Android apps which can pay you a good amount of money. Of course, you won’t earn much. However, you will easily earn around 100-200$/month using these apps. All you need is an Android phone and one hour of free time. These apps will surely help you to pay your movie bills or restaurant bills. They are also perfect for students who want to earn some quick cash.

Best Rewarding Android Apps

  1.    Google Opinion Awards.

Google Opinion Awards pay you for doing surveys. You can answer some simple questions using your Smartphone. This app is supported on both iPhone and Android. If you have both phones, then use your iPhone for Google Opinion Awards. The iPhone users receive better survey offers.

You can easily earn money up to 100$/month by doing only 10 surveys per month. This money can be converted into Google Play Credits. Thus, you can buy games or in-game purchases using these credits.

  1.    GiftPanda

GiftPanda is one of the best apps to earn money on your Smartphone. You can earn money using a lot of ways:

  1. i)    You can download apps on your Smartphone.
  2. ii)    You will get paid for playing games.

iii)   You can do surveys and answer some simple questions.

  1. iv)   You will also get paid for doing shopping. They will also provide you with cash backs and offers.

You can also refer your friends to this app. GiftPanda will pay you 10% of your friend’s earning. There are many payment options available like Mobile Recharge, Vouchers of shopping websites and PayPal.

  1.    Cash Pirate.

CashPirate is another great app to earn money using your smartphone. There are more than 100k positive ratings of this app. Thus, this app is 100% reliable and loved by its users. Also, there is instant cashout available on this website. You can get your money whenever you want.

They have a coin based system. You can earn these coins by downloading and playing games on your phone. There are various surveys available also which you do to earn money. You will get paid 1$ for every 1000 coins you acquire.

  1.    PanelPlace

PanelPlace is just like Google Opinion Surveys. They pay you to do surveys online. But, they are better when compared to Google Opinion Surveys. Here you can directly cash out your money to PayPal.

If you are unable to find surveys on Google Opinion Surveys, then you must try this app.

  1.    App Karma

App Karma is also based on points system. You can earn these points and then exchange them for rewards.

There are many several offers available on this app. You can download new apps on your phone. You will also get paid more if you will keep them installed. There is a referral system also. They pay up to 30% of your referral earnings.

Also, you can cash out your money easily. You can either choose for direct PayPal cash or exchange your credits for Gift Cards. If you are a gamer then you can exchange your points with Steam credits.

  1.    Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the oldest rewarding apps. Thus, it is also the most reliable one. There are many offers available on this app. You will get paid to do surveys or for downloading apps. You can also earn money by shopping on various e-commerce websites.

It is very easy to cash out your money. There are many payment options available like gift cards and PayPal cash.

  1.    CashKarma

CashKarma is a very reputable app in this market. It has been around in Play Store for a while. You can earn money for watching videos or doing surveys.

The best thing about them is that they give out bonuses. You will get a bonus for watching 5 videos in a row. All these bonuses can boost your total earning.

  1.    Earny

Earny is a great app for those users who do a lot of shopping online. You can easily track your shopping using this app. Also, you can ask for a refund in case there is a price drop. You can also earn money by referring your friends.

Earny will keep about 25% of your earnings as a commission. You can cash out your money using PayPal.

  1.    Tapporo

Tapporo is another very reliable reward app. You can also use this app on your computer to earn money. The best thing about Tapporo is that they pay you $0.60 for every referral. You don’t have to worry about if your referral is active or not.

When you have enough money, you can cash out using PayPal. There are various other payment methods available also.

  1.     Tap Cash Awards

This app just keeps getting better every day. There are more than 80000 5 star reviews of this app. Thus, this app is very reliable.

You can earn money by using apps or doing surveys. They will also give you a daily bonus just for logging in. The best thing about this app is that there are more than 15 different cash out options available. These options include PayPal cash and shopping vouchers.

There are many more rewarding apps available on Play Store. You can try all these apps to maximize your earning. But, beware of fake or scam rewarding apps.

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